American Artist Line

Art is everywhere in our world—we go to see it in museums, hang artwork on the walls of our homes, yet rarely do we incorporate it in our daily attire. This unique collection showcases the creations of talented American artists we’ve discovered that showcase the spirit of Waterfront Club. By purchasing an item from this line, you are also directly supporting the artist behind the design as a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes straight to the artist featured.  Feel great about not just wearing a great piece of art, but contributing to the artist themselves!

Featured Artists

Teek Eaton-Koch

Picture of Teek Eaton-Koch

Teek Eaton-Koch is a professional architectural renderer, illustrator, and fine artist.  He paints detailed watercolor renderings, illustrating buildings and residences for clients across the United States.  For his partnership with Waterfront Club, he shares his fine artwork inspired by living and working along Long Island Sound, and frequent trips along the Southern New England Coast to Watch Hill and Martha's Vineyard. When he is not at his studio desk, he teaches Advanced Placement Studio Art to high school students in Stamford, CT. 

Clothing Featuring his artwork: Cat Boat T-Shirt

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