About Us

Waterfront Club is an American lifestyle brand dedicated to providing high quality clothing catered towards those who enjoy life by the water.

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Founder's Story

Growing up on along the East Coast, my best memories consisted of summers spent on family trips to beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Later in life as I traveled to lakes across the US and the West Coast, I began to realize that no matter where you went, there's a certain relaxed style of life and appreciation for water that accompanied all those places. The common denominator being enjoying time with friends and family by the water. Whether it's laying on the beach in Cape Cod, taking the boat out in Lake Geneva, cozying up to a bonfire under the stars in Lake Tahoe, or learning to surf in Hawaii, Waterfront Club represents that universal feeling of being on vacation, sitting back, and relaxing by the water.

Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly Made in the USA. When you buy from us, know that you are buying a high quality, more sustainable, ethically sourced product that helps strengthen your community.

Why Buy American?


At Waterfront Club, we realize that sustainability is of the utmost importance as it greatly impacts our planets water directly in so many ways.  We strive to make all of the tiny details in our products in the most sustainable ways possible so that we have as little impact on our environment as we can.  Click the link below to see some of the ways we support this great initiative!

Our Sustainability Theory

Charities We Support

Water is our planet's most precious resource. Beaches, lakes, and waterfronts everywhere face issues such as pollution and erosion. By choosing to buy from Waterfront Club, you are supporting a company committed to helping preserve bodies of water across the country. A portion of the proceeds from every single order are set aside to help donate to charities across the country dedicated to helping clean up our country's beaches, rivers, bays, and lakes.

Charities We Support

American Artist Line

Art is everywhere in our world—we visit museums to witness its beauty, adorn our homes with it, yet seldom do we embrace it in our daily attire. This unique collection showcases the creations of talented American artists we’ve discovered that showcase the spirit of Waterfront Club. By purchasing an item from this line, you are also directly supporting  the artist behind the design as a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes straight to the artist featured.  Feel great about not just wearing a great piece of art, but contributing to the artist themselves!

Our American Artist Line